How to Rent an RV for Burning Man: Factors to Consider

Driving through the scorching desert of Nevada's Black Rock Desert is no easy feat, especially when you're heading to the one-of-a-kind event known as Burning Man. With its unforgiving terrain and harsh conditions, it's essential to make the right choice when it comes to renting an RV for this adventure.

Renting an RV for Burning Man can elevate your experience and provide you with a home away from home in the midst of the desert. By considering factors such as RV size, dust-proofing, off-road capabilities, water and waste management, amenities, and your budget, you can find the perfect RV to complement your Burning Man adventure. So buckle up, embrace the desert spirit, and get ready for an unforgettable journey at Burning Man!

What RV Type to Choose for Burning Man?

While choosing the right RV for Burning Man, the decision largely depends on your personal preferences, needs, and the level of comfort you desire. Here's a breakdown of the different types of RVs available and how they may suit your festival experience:



Motorhomes are self-contained units with built-in living spaces, typically including sleeping areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. They come in different sizes and classes, from Class A to Class C. Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious, offering ample space and amenities. Class C motorhomes are smaller but still provide a comfortable living space. Motorhomes provide convenience and comfort, making them a popular choice for those who want a "home on wheels" experience at Burning Man.


Campervans are compact and versatile, offering basic amenities in a smaller package. They are easy to maneuver and park, making them a practical choice for navigating the challenging terrain of the Black Rock Desert. Campervans typically include a small kitchenette and a sleeping area, but the space is more limited compared to larger motorhomes. A campervan could be a suitable choice if you prefer a more compact and agile option for Burning Man.


Coaches, also known as bus conversions, are converted buses that offer a unique and spacious living environment. These RVs often feature customized interiors with amenities like kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas. Coaches provide a blend of comfort and style, making them an attractive option for Burning Man attendees looking for a distinctive and luxurious experience.

Caravans (Travel Trailers and Camper Trailers)

Caravans, also known as travel trailers or camper trailers, are towed behind a vehicle and come in various sizes and styles. They offer a separate living space that can be unhitched from the towing vehicle, providing flexibility at Burning Man. Caravans can range from compact, lightweight trailers to larger models with multiple rooms and amenities. They are a popular choice for those who prefer to have a designated sleeping and living area separate from the driving space.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Fifth-wheel trailers are similar to travel trailers but require a specialized hitch mounted in the bed of a pickup truck. This design allows for increased stability and a more spacious living area. Fifth-wheel trailers often provide additional amenities and a layout that maximizes living space, making them a comfortable option for Burning Man attendees who prioritize interior comfort and convenience.

Popup Campers and Truck Campers

Popup campers, also known as tent trailers and truck campers, offer a lightweight and compact option for Burning Man. Popup campers feature collapsible walls and roofs, providing a compact towing experience and expanding into a comfortable living area at the campsite. Truck campers are designed to be loaded onto the bed of a pickup truck, offering a compact and versatile living space. These options are suitable for those seeking a more rustic and outdoor-oriented experience at Burning Man.

Consider your desired level of comfort, budget, the number of people accompanying you, the amenities you require, and your towing capabilities when deciding on the best RV type for Burning Man. Whether you prefer a luxurious motorhome, a compact campervan, or something in between, there is an RV type that can enhance your adventure.

What RV Problems Can Happen in the Desert?

Even the most seasoned travelers must brace themselves for a myriad of challenges that this arid expanse presents. From diesel leaks to wind storms, flash floods to battery issues, the desert can push both man and machine to their limits. Join me as we delve into the potential RV problems that can arise in this harsh environment.

Diesel Leaks 

Desert roads can be merciless, with uneven terrain and rocky surfaces that considerably strain your vehicle's undercarriage. These conditions may lead to dreaded diesel leaks, disrupting your journey and potentially damaging your engine. Regularly inspecting your fuel lines and ensuring they are in top-notch condition is crucial to prevent leaks and ensure a smooth ride.

Cracked Fuel Lines 

The extreme heat experienced in the desert can take a toll on various RV components, including the fuel lines. Excessive heat can cause these lines to become brittle and prone to cracking, leading to fuel leaks and potential engine malfunctions. Routinely checking for any signs of wear or damage in your fuel lines is essential to avoid such issues.


The blazing sun beating down on the desert can transform your RV's cooling system into a battleground. Overheating becomes a persistent concern, and engine components can become strained due to the elevated temperatures. Keeping a vigilant eye on your engine temperature gauge and ensuring proper coolant levels can help stave off overheating problems and keep your journey on track.

Wind Storms 

Desert winds are notorious for their strength and suddenness. While they can create mesmerizing landscapes, these gusts can also pose a significant challenge for RVers. High winds can impact your vehicle's stability, potentially causing swaying or even tipping over in extreme cases. Staying informed about weather conditions and using caution when driving during wind storms is essential to ensure your safety.

Flash Floods

The desert may seem arid, but it is not immune to sudden bouts of heavy rain. Flash floods, a result of rainfall accumulating faster than the desert soil can absorb, can turn dry riverbeds into roaring torrents. These floods can quickly submerge roads and catch unsuspecting travelers off guard. Staying informed about weather forecasts and avoiding low-lying areas during heavy rain can help mitigate the risk of being caught in a flash flood.

Battery Issues

Extreme temperatures can adversely affect your RV's batteries. The scorching heat of the desert can drain your battery's power faster than you might expect, potentially leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your battery's health, ensuring proper insulation, and considering additional power sources, such as solar panels, can help prevent unexpected power failures.

Tackling the desert's challenges while RVing requires preparedness and a keen eye for potential issues. Regular maintenance, thorough inspections, and staying well-informed about the ever-changing desert conditions are key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. 


TOP-5 Best Services That Help You Find RV Rentals

Planning to embark on an unforgettable journey to Burning Man but don't have an RV of your own? Numerous rental services can fulfill your RV needs and make your experience at the event truly extraordinary. With many options available, we've narrowed down the list to the top 5 RV rental services for Burning Man. Keep reading to discover the best providers that offer a range of RV types, equipment, and excellent service.

Best RV Rental Services

RV Rental Service


Wanderlust RV Rentals

Wanderlust RV Rentals is a reliable and reputable service catering specifically to the Burning Man community. They offer a diverse fleet of well-maintained RVs and campervans suitable for individuals and larger groups. Their experienced staff understands the unique needs of Burning Man attendees, providing personalized assistance and top-notch service. Prices vary based on vehicle type, amenities, and rental duration.


Outdoorsy is an excellent choice for those seeking a wide selection of RV options. It operates as a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, connecting travelers with RV owners. With a vast inventory of vehicles, ranging from luxurious motorhomes to cozy campervans, Outdoorsy ensures you can find the perfect RV that suits your needs and budget. The platform offers transparent rental processes, comprehensive insurance options, and user reviews, establishing a trustworthy environment for finding your ideal Burning Man RV rental.

Cruise America

Cruise America is a well-established RV rental company with nationwide locations, including some near the Burning Man event. Known for their quality and reliability, they provide a range of RV sizes to accommodate different group sizes and budgets. Equipped with essential amenities, their vehicles offer a comfortable experience. The friendly customer service at Cruise America ensures a smooth rental process, although prices may fluctuate depending on demand. It remains a popular choice among Burning Man enthusiasts.


RVshare is another notable peer-to-peer rental platform that connects RV owners with travelers in search of a temporary home on wheels. Their user-friendly website features an extensive selection of RVs, allowing you to browse and directly communicate with owners. RVshare provides comprehensive rental insurance and a secure payment system, guaranteeing a safe and hassle-free transaction. It is important to note that availability and prices may vary, making early planning recommended to secure the ideal RV rental for your Burning Man adventure.

El Monte RV

El Monte RV is a trusted name in the RV rental industry, offering a variety of motorhomes suitable for different group sizes and preferences. With multiple rental locations throughout the country, including some in proximity to Burning Man, they provide convenient pick-up and drop-off options. El Monte RV takes pride in maintaining its fleet to high standards, ensuring a comfortable and reliable experience. While prices may be higher during peak seasons, their commitment to quality vehicles and customer service makes them a reliable choice for your Burning Man RV rental needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Burning Man in an RV?

When it comes to attending Burning Man in an RV, the cost can vary depending on factors such as the type of RV, rental duration, amenities, and demand during the event. Here is a breakdown of estimated Burning Man RV rental rates:

RV Type

Price Range

Fifth Wheel Rental

$8,500 - $10,000

Travel Trailer Rental

$7,000 - $8,500

Basic RV Rental (smaller classes)

$5,500 - $7,000

Luxury RV Rental


Please note that these prices are approximate and can fluctuate based on specific rental providers, vehicle availability, and other factors. It's crucial to check with individual rental services for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Keep in mind that in addition to the RV rental cost, additional expenses may be considered, such as Burning Man event tickets, camping fees, fuel costs, and any necessary supplies or equipment.

It's always recommended to plan and book your RV rental well in advance, as rates can increase closer to the event and availability may become limited. Researching multiple rental services and comparing prices and reviews can help you find the best option that suits your budget and preferences.

Do You Need an RV Pass for Burning Man?

Yes, you need an RV pass for Burning Man if you plan to bring a vehicle to the event. Every vehicle, excluding motorcycles, must have a vehicle pass to enter through the Gate. If you arrive before the Gate opens, each person in your vehicle must possess a valid early arrival pass.

The standard cost for a vehicle pass is $150 per pass, along with any applicable taxes and fees. Reduced-cost vehicle passes are available for Ticket Aid recipients at a price of $75 per pass, plus applicable taxes and fees.

The availability and pricing of vehicle passes may vary each year. It is advisable to check the official Burning Man website or contact the event organizers for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding vehicle pass requirements, costs, and any potential changes or updates.

How Do I Prepare My RV for Burning Man?

Preparing your RV for Burning Man involves several essential steps to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience in the harsh desert environment. Here are some crucial tips to help you get your RV ready for this unique event:

1. Thoroughly clean and inspect your RV's interior and exterior before the event. Address any damages or issues.

2. Schedule a comprehensive check-up with an RV technician to ensure all vital systems work well. Replace worn-out parts and fluids as needed.

3. Seal potential entry points for dust with sealants, weather stripping, and caulking. Apply protective coatings to the exterior and consider covering vents and AC units.

4. Carry extra water and fuel supplies due to the remote location of Burning Man. Check and repair any leaks in your RV's water and fuel tanks.

5. Remove or cover dust-sensitive items. Use removable covers for furniture and upholstery, and use floor mats and rugs to trap dust.

6. Replace or clean air filters and consider using high-quality filters designed for dusty environments to maintain better indoor air quality.

7. Ensure all items inside your RV are properly secured to prevent damage or injury due to vibrations on rough terrain. Use bungee cords, tie-downs, and non-slip liners.

8. Pack essential provisions, including food, water, toiletries, medications, and camping equipment. Bring extra emergency supplies and appropriate clothing and gear for the desert climate.

9. Familiarize yourself with Burning Man's waste disposal guidelines. Before arrival, empty and sanitize your RV's black water and gray water tanks. Use biodegradable cleaning supplies and dispose of waste at designated locations.

10. Follow the Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment. Dispose of trash properly, use designated routes, and adhere to Burning Man's waste management guidelines.

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