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Determining Honda CR-V maximum towing capacity

You probably admire your Honda CRV for its stunning and spacious interiors together with comfortable luggage capacity. Though this SUV (sport utility vehicle) model is rather popular, it has quite a low towing capacity.

With its maximum of 1,500 lbs to tow, Honda CRV can allow the towing of light vans like stand-up, pop-up, and teardrop trailers. All CRV models have the same towing capacity of 1,500 lbs: LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring. However, they slightly differ with their unladen (or curb) weight. Even with such a moderate towing power, you can find a cozy and functional trailer.

Important Calculations

If you are not very much experienced in driving the fully loaded caravan, you should keep in mind the 85% rule. It means your trailer should weigh 15% less than your Honda’s dry mass. Some experts recommend keeping this number even lower at 20-35%. Dry mass is identical to the curb weight (KW)  of your CRV when it has a full oil tank and full fuel tank. Any additional equipment is not included in these pounds. 

Another term for towing capacity is an ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass). It is measured when your van is already packed with your stuff but not connected to your Honda yet. The manufacturer specifies 1,500 lbs as the maximum weight that your CRV can tow, meaning your van weighs 15 hundred lbs having everything packed and including the Tow Ball Mass (TBM). The TBM is included, but once the trailer is coupled with your Honda CRV, the van passes around 10% of its mass to the tower. Here you have to be careful about the payload number that shows your car’s weight with all accessories, occupants, and their luggage included. 

You need to know a couple of other essential notions are Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and Gross Trailer Mass (GTM). GVM shows you the sum of the curb weight and payload of your Honda. GTM deducts the mass of the tow ball from the Aggregate Trailer Mass. 

Types of Trailers to Consider

So, with your CRV, you can tow small trailers. But small does not mean they are not comfortable. These vans offer less functionality and space, but they are aerodynamic, light, and often leave your rearview mirror functional. Such trailers often boast various extensions and fold-outs, which makes your outdoor cooking experience unforgettable. Along with that, you still have enough sleeping space. However, small vans’ design is unique in every case, as manufacturers create a particular proposal in every trailer. 

Among the teardrop trailers, you can tow with your Honda model are such trailers as MyPod with its unladen weight of 975 lbs, or Basedrop (1,000 lbs), or the standard model of Papa Bear (975 lbs), nuCamp TAG (1,282 lbs). Stand-up trailers like Polar Bear (1,450 lbs), MeerKat (900 lbs), Weis Craft Little Joe (1,100 lbs), or Relic (1,000 lbs) also go below the 1,500 lbs mark. Pop-up models like Sylvansport GO with 840 lbs, QuickSilver Rock Climber Tent Camper with 1,270 lbs, Flagstaff Tent 176LTD with 1,456 lbs can be a good option for your Honda CRV too.



Drivers must not exceed the Honda CR-V towing capacity as it can have serious consequences such as interfering with your car's braking ability

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