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TowingCap.com invites emerging and established automotive bloggers to collaboration.

Are you a skilled writer with expertise in the towing & trailer industry? We are currently seeking talented and knowledgeable individuals about the towing capabilities of pickup trucks & SUVs to contribute fresh and captivating content for our towing blog and education center.

If you have a passion for writing and a deep understanding of the towing, hauling, payload, trailer types, we want to hear from you!

Share your background and experience with us, and we'll assess if it's a good fit. By collaborating with us, your content will be prominently featured in our education center.

We warmly welcome enthusiastic Automotive Journalists, Photographers, and Bloggers to enrich our professional ensemble. Aligning with our dynamic team, you'll be privy to a multitude of exciting advantages including:

  • Extensive Public Visibility
  • Business Brand Awareness
  • Amplified Industry Proficiency
  • Personal Growth Opportunities

Our quest for the ideal guest post contributor is characterized by the following non-sequential traits:

  • An Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge and Zeal for Success in Automotive Journalism
  • Proven Track Record in the Automotive Sector
  • Steady and Reliable Contributions
  • Covering Local Automotive Exhibitions and Happenings

If you're contemplating a significant leap forward in your professional journey, then seize this moment and reach out to us promptly - [email protected].

Content Requirements: How to Get Featured

The approval requirements are straightforward. If you do not have any published work, we recommend exploring other opportunities to gain experience before reapplying to our website.

Writer Admissions editorial team utilizes an objective scoring system to assess writing quality. While writing is undoubtedly an art form, similar to music, we can evaluate specific aspects objectively, such as hitting the correct notes in music.

Nevertheless, writing is an art form, and our editors also consider their experience and judgment to evaluate your depth of knowledge in the automotive field, as well as the overall appeal and readability of your work.


We seek analysis that offers subjective interpretations rather than simple regurgitation of facts. We expect to find at least two consecutive paragraphs with your subjective analysis, ensuring thoughtful development of your ideas.

Unique Angle

Our readers value forward-looking analysis. Consequently, we look for at least two consecutive paragraphs that provide such analysis. This entails making predictions or raising questions about the impact of the article's topic.

Support Judgements with Facts

Each opinion you express must be supported by at least one persuasive fact.

Reliable Sources

Strong analysis acknowledges other relevant coverage. We expect to see at least one attributed reference to a reliable third-party source.


A well-crafted piece of writing should comprise three essential elements. Firstly, a lede that introduces the article's major themes. Secondly, a logical progression that further develops the introduced themes. Lastly, a substantive conclusion that effectively summarizes the developed themes. In short: beginning, middle, and end.

Additionally, editors consider five mechanics metrics when evaluating your writing.

Textual Correctness

Accurate spelling is crucial. Even a single misspelled word will be held against you. Moreover, more than two combined grammatical or typographical errors will require you to wait for 30 days before reapplying.

Sentence and Paragraph Structure

Readers appreciate concise writing, and so does our Writer Admissions team. Aim for an average of fewer than 20 words per sentence and limit your paragraphs to four sentences.

Language Variation

Avoid word repetition. Using the same word twice in one sentence or three times in one paragraph, except for rhetorical purposes, raises concerns. Editors also pay attention to subject-predicate repetition, where consecutive sentences contain identical subjects and/or predicates without rhetorical intent.

Verb Choice

Limit the use of passive verb constructions. An excessive number of passive verbs will result in a premature cessation of your application review.


Jilli Smith27.09.2023

Dear Sir, I am reaching out to you regarding a potential guest post on your blog. As a writer and avid reader of your blog, I am impressed with the content you share and the engagement you have with your readers. I would love to contribute to your blog with an article on Trailers. I believe my expertise in this field, combined with my passion for writing, will enable me to provide valuable insights and knowledge to your readers. My post will be well-researched, informative, and engaging, and will be tailored to fit the tone and style of your blog. Here are some potential titles for the guest post: 1. Crucial Safety Tips for Towing a Trailer If you are interested in publishing my guest post, please let me know, and I will be happy to provide you with the article within the timeframe you specify. Thank you for your time and consideration.